Alabama And Wisconsin Schedule Home And Home Football Series For 2024, 2025

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Alabama and Wisconsin will play each other in football twice in the coming years.

Both programs announced Monday the gigantic scheduling decision. Alabama will travel to Madison on September 14, 2024.

The Badgers will repay the favor in 2025 when they travel to Tuscaloosa on September 13.


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I am ready to run through a brick wall right now. I am going crazy with excitement. I guess Alabama and their boosters got tired of my nonstop trash talking. (RELATED: Wisconsin Coach Paul Chryst Has A ‘Pretty Good Idea’ Who Will Be The Starting QB)

They want to shut me up. So be it. Come to Madison. Leave the safety of the SEC landscape and come play the big boys up in the Big 10.

I’m already making moves to buy tickets for these games.

Sure, we lost last time we played Alabama, but that means nothing right now. It doesn’t mean a damn thing. When we take the field in 2024 in Madison, I can promise you the whole city will be rocking.

Camp Randall will be going wild, and I will be in the stadium to oversee the beatdown that looms for the Crimson Tide.

Pray for Alabama and their fans. While we are very hospitable and nice off of the field, there won’t be any mercy once kickoff happens.

That much I can guarantee you.

As for our trip to Alabama, I will enter the stadium and I don’t care if a SEAL Team has to escort me inside. There’s nothing that will keep me out.

Go, Badgers, go! We’re in for a wild time, and I’m soaking up every single damn second of it.