One Of Baseball’s Tallest Pitchers Ever Dies As Result Of ‘Fatal Accident’

Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

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Former Dutch pitcher and baseball minor leaguer Loek van Mil, died Sunday as a result from injuries sustained in a “fatal accident,” during a hiking trip in Australia, according to the Royal Dutch Baseball and Softball Association KNBSB.

Van Mil died at the age of 34 following a hiking accident, where the right-handed pitcher hit his head on rocks before being rushed to the hospital, where he was in “critical, but stable condition” according to the Softball Association KNBSB. (RELATED: REPORT: David Ortiz Wasn’t The Intended Target During Shooting)

The pitcher suffered multiple fractures, bleeding of the brain, and several hemorrhages during the accident according to MLB.com.

Standing a 7 feet 1 inch tall, van Mil was one of the tallest baseball players in the sports history. Beginning his career in the Dutch league at the age of 20, van Mil would eventually spend a long time in the minor leagues from 2005-2013. He was also a member of the Netherlands national baseball team.

It is truly a sad situation and many former players and teams are taking to Twitter to send some thoughts and prayers to van Mil’s family.

It must have been extremely intimidating to be up to bat and you can’t even see the centerfield wall because the pitcher is so tall. I am sure van Mil used this to his advantage several times.

Van Mil finished his minors career notching a 12-27 record with a solid 3.48 earned run average. He will be remembered for his size and baseball heart.