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Afternoon Mirror: Journo Can’t Remember If She Put On Deodorant

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Quote of the Day:

“Something I do that absolutely never enters into memory in any way is put on deodorant. I can never remember if I already did so whenever I see it, I put some on. On any given morning that is probably between two and six times.”

Amanda Mull, staff writer, The Atlantic.
Please note: It’s 89 degrees today in Brooklyn and 96 in Washington.

Mood: Boiling mad. “Given the reaction of the MAGAs in my TL to the earlier n-word tweet, I can tell I stuck blood. They’re SO angry. So so so angry. Your cult leader is a raging, racist shitbird. I know it hurts. I know you want to lash out at me for telling you the truth. Cry more.” — Rick Wilson, GOP Trump-hating pundit.

Emily Miller Vs. Rep. Eric Swalwell 

Miller is a TV news journalist and conservative analyst. She worked as a campaign spokeswoman for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas). She was formerly a senior reporter for One America News Network. Swalwell (D-Calif.) is a former presidential candidate. 

Swalwell: “Hey haters, Baltimore is in America. If you’re defending @realDonald Trump by pointing out what you think are flaws of Baltimore, you are trashing America. America is not just the places you like or look like you. It’s the places you’ve never seen & the people you’ve never met.

Swalwell: “I lived in #Baltimore and went to law school in @RepCummings district. It’s called Charm City because of its passionate people, promise of opportunity, and patriotism (from the Star-Spangled Banner to its faithful congressman). #ElijahCummingsIsAPatriot.” 

Miller: “You went to law school in Baltimore – and claim you didn’t see the poverty, unemployed, drop outs and drug deals? I don’t believe you. I lived there 18 years and covered the Freddie Gray riots and poverty and inner city depressed has never changed.”

Swalwell: “I don’t care what you saw. It’s an American city. Why are you co-signing on a President’s racism. Either denounce him or join him. Re-read your response. You are brainwashed.”

Miller: “Lazy debating tactic for a lawyer. Calling names. Use facts. Want me to start?”

Dana Loesch, NRA spokeswoman: “Be careful, Emily. Rep. Swalwell may dazzle you with his sexism by demanding instead to speak to your male superior.”

Miller: “I see now, Dana. So, in order to get Rep. Swalwell to come back and explain why my first-hand account of poverty in West Baltimore is “racist”, then I demand to speak to his female superior, Speaker Pelosi.” 

WaPo food/culture writer says Trump has no soul 

“@Alyssa_Milano This is heartbreaking and outrageously infuriating and I want to scream at @IvankaTrump and @FLOTUS (forget @realDonaldTrump he’s got no heart, no soul) – why aren’t these women down there every day hugging children & working to stop this from happening ??!!!” — Jamie Schler, writer, Washington Post.

Emily Miller slaps back at April Ryan

April Ryan, White House reporter, American Urban Radio: “Please for the sake of humanity, Let’s break twitter with the hashtag #WEAREBALTIMORE! Please let @realDonaldTrump see good beats evil every time!”

She turned the tables on Trump’s “infested” Baltimore remarks, saying, “The White House is infested with mice. Mice traps all over the place. We see dead mice in traps and mice running around a lot. Stink bugs infest the East Wing and what else??? Too much to tweet. @realDonaldTrump must be talking about where he lives instead of Baltimore!”

And this: “Infested? What about the mouse problem in the White house and the stink bugs that infest your home along with the other critters that reside in your home. Don’t talk to much about an infestation as you actually live in it! Don’t come for Baltimore unless we call for you!”

Emily Miller: “April, I too am born and raised in Baltimore City. And we were taught that only God beats evil. Not TV pundits/radio reporters. But you do you, hon! #WEAREBALTIMORE”   

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The Observer

“An idiot guest on ‘Morning Joe’ just said shoe strings are being taken from illegal immigrant detainees “because they’re thinking of hanging themselves.” THEY TAKE THE SHOE STRINGS FROM EVERY SINGLE DETAINEE WHEN THEYRE PROCESSED, NO MATTER WHAT.” — Eddie Scarry, commentary writer, Washington Examiner. (RELATED: The Mirror Questionnaire With Eddie Scarry)

Biden’s campaign instigates President Trump 

Team Joe: “@realDonaldTrump, we know you love the polls. We’re glad you saw the latest from Fox: Biden 49%, Trump 39. You’re losing by ten. Have a nice day.”

Politico editor declares pasta salad ‘disgusting’

“Pasta salad is disgusting and you should not eat it.” — Blake Hounshell, editorial director, Politico.

He was responding to WaPo, who played up pasta salad like this:

Travel Bitches

John Stanton, New Orleans-based writer: “My flight tomorrow leaves out from Dulles at 6 am. I haven’t flown out of that Hellscape in decades. What time should I get there and how bad is their security?”

Eric Swalwell: “Leave now.”

“People who travel through DCA, the worst has happened. Our flight is boarding through the dreaded 35X” — Shannon Bream, Fox News.

“According to Snapchat, I Ubered to the @FreeBeacon office for my first day of work three years ago today. Over 2,000 articles later I am proud to say I have upgraded and now take a scooter to work.” — Cameron Cawthorne, Washington Free Beacon.

“Our Lyft driver just Rickrolled us & conducted an aggressive singalong.” — Emily Nussbaum, TV critic, The New Yorker.

Coming and Going  

“We are thrilled that best selling author, investigative reporter and magazine columnist @VickyPJWard will be joining CNN as Senior Reporter starting today. Welcome Vicky!” — CNN Communications. Ward is the author of Kushner. Inc.

Gossip Roundup 

Meghan Markle gets attacked for anything and everything. Here‘s the latest example. It involves a cover she helped design for Vogue.

Yashar Ali, HuffPost, New York Mag, has skin in the game: “PSA: Please remember when you’re doing your skin care routine and applying your various lotions and potions, don’t neglect your neck and hands!! Everything you do to your face should be done to your neck and nearly everything you do to your face should be done to your hands.”

Meghan McCain to Elle: “No shade to the show, but…” Here. The mag isn’t overwhelming kind: “Her cascade of dyed-blond hair and her habit of starting her spiels with ‘my father’ don’t help her cause.” (RELATED: Meghan McCain Discusses Her Miscarriage)

Keith Boykin is a CNN commentator; Vince Coglianese is editorial director for The Daily Caller and a morning host for WMAL.