A Drunk Man In India Gets Revenge On Snake That Bit Him, By Biting It Back

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Lexi Lonas Contributor
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A drunk man in India was hospitalized Sunday night after he got bit by a snake in his home, and he decided to bite back.

Raj Kumar, who lives in Uttar Pradesh, India, was drunk Sunday night when a non-venomous snake got into his home and bit him, Reuters reported. “A snake bit him. So, in turn, he bit it and chewed it into pieces,” his father, Babu Ram said.


Kumar’s doctor said Kumar showed up to the hospital with the snake he chewed up in a bag. The doctor described the scene as, “definitely weird.” (RELATED: 4-Foot Snake Slithers Out Of Toilet And Bites Florida Man)

“A patient came to me and said that he bit a snake. I thought the snake had bitten him. His condition is serious. He has been referred to another hospital,” the doctor said according to The New Indian Express.

Kumar’s family is poor and unable to afford his treatment; however, they did pay to have the snake cremated because Kumar believed that killing a snake was a “sin” they needed to “atone” for.