Tom Brady Talks About Leadership In Awesome Viral Twitter Video

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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An awesome video of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is blowing up Twitter.

Brady has won six Super Bowl rings, and you don’t reach the pinnacle of the NFL unless you know how to lead men. Well, it’s crystal clear from this video that the legendary gunslinger has no problem being a leader of men. (RELATED: Tom Brady Says The Most Important Super Bowl Ring Is ‘The Next One’)

Brady said the following in the viral clip shared by Jaycob Ammerman, which he credits to NBC Sports:

I have a lot of belief in myself and I always tell a lot of young quarterbacks, if you don’t believe in yourself, why do you think those guys who are looking at you are going to believe in you? When you step in the huddle they better look at you and go, ‘man, that guy’s ready to get the job done.’

The best part about Tom Brady is that you can tell this is all authentic. He was never a star in high school, he was never a star in college but he fought his way into the NFL.

The rest is history. All he does now is win rings and dominate defenses.


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He’s a living, walking and talking example of what happens when you just put in the work. Too many pro athletes are worried about stuff off the field, such as the bright lights of fame.

Brady is very famous, but his fame has always taken a back seat to just winning football games. That’s why he has six Super Bowl rings.

Trust me, folks. That didn’t just happen by accident.


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I don’t know how much longer Brady will keep playing, but there’s no question the NFL will feel his impact once he finally hangs it up.

The man has served as an incredible icon in the sport of football, and everybody should listen whenever he opens his mouth to talk.