“Making Sure My Cat Eats When I’m At Work Was Always A Challenge.” Now I Can Breath Alittle Easier

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One of the biggest practical concerns that pet owner’s may face, is that as much as we may want to spend all day spending time with our pets, most of us have work or other commitments that require us to leave our pets behind. In the event that this happens, it is still very important that your pet is fed, and that they are fed the exact amount they need to develop a routine feeding schedule. This has been a challenge for pet owners for awhile now, so I was alittle shocked when a friend and coworker of mine told me that she no longer worries about feeding her pet and that she has a device that lets her feed her cat automatically. I was intrigued but did not think much of it, until she approached me about sharing how much she loved her automatic pet feeder with the audience of the Daily Dealer.

I agreed to pen a review for her, provided she gave me her honest feedback on the product and took some pictures of her cat in action.

Bentley is chowing down and enjoying a late night dinner courtesy of WOPET

Bentley is chowing down and enjoying a late night dinner courtesy of WOPET

Check out the Wopet Automatic Feeder for yourself via WOPET.COM

For starters, she came away impressed with how easy and intuitive it was to schedule automated feedings for the day. Apparently you can schedule up to 4 automated feedings per day via an LCD screen on the product, and you can control portion sizes ranging from just 2 teaspoons to up to 4.5 cups, giving you great flexibility in setting how much your cat or dog consumes. Her cat Bentley, tends to eat more closer to dinner time, but before she is back from work, something that was super easy to set with the WOPET F01 Automatic Pet Feeder.

Another important aspect she wanted me to highlight to any potential pet owners, is that you can record a custom message for your pet when it is feeding time. I know one of my biggest concerns with feeding my dog is that despite being well-trained, he will only respond to the voice of people he knows and is comfortable with. Well with Wopet, you can pre-record messages to play when its feeding time, meaning you can call your dog or cat over to eat as if you were right there at home….despite being miles away!

"Hmmmm....there's still so much left."

“Hmmmm….there’s still so much left.”

At this point I heavily considering buying a Wopet Automatic feeder but was skeptical how easy it is to operate and clean. My friend alleviated my concerns by informing me that the feeding tray is removable and diswasher safe, and the main storage compartment holds about 10 cat sized meals easily, meaning you only have to refill it every other day or so.

As of right now, my neighbors are nice enough to come over and feed my golden retriever during lunch time, but I may have to order a Wopet Automatic feeder soon as they are going on vacation. When I reached out to Wopet about buying a feeder and writing an article, you also gave me an exclusive discount code I can share once I told them I work for the Daily Caller.

If you use the discount code wopet30, you can get 30% off, on top of free shipping withing 3-5 business days if you order from Wopet’s site directly.

Another option is buying this automatic feeder directly from Amazon, where you can get your feeder within two days if you are a Prime member, while saving $20 off the main retail price if you use the coupon on the product page.

"Okay I was joking earlier....I hope you have more food to put in here."

“Okay I was joking earlier….I hope you have more food to put in here.”

So what are you waiting for? If your cat is anything like Bentley, trying out the Wopet Automatic feeder may be the routine game changer you need to free up your time while staying a responsible pet owner!

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