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Tim Ryan Campaign Wildly Admits ‘Absentmindedness’ During Debate

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Maybe he was busy meditating?

On the morning after the CNN presidential debate, presidential hopeful Tim Ryan — who regularly meditates and has gone on torturous silent retreats — felt the bizarre need to release a statement about his hand not being over his heart during the National Anthem — a true sin in the world of politics. He says he didn’t make the gesture because he was busy singing along.

The Ohio Democratic House member sure got out ahead of that one.

Statement on Congressman Ryan And National Anthem

YOUNGSTOWN, OH — This morning, Tim Ryan for America released the following statement in regards to the National Anthem at the second round of Democratic debates last night:

“Congressman Ryan wasn’t protesting and didn’t mean to make any statement last night in Detroit, it was a moment of absentmindedness while on a debate stage that won’t happen again. He was, in fact, singing along with the choir to honor our country. Congressman Ryan loves our country and will continue to honor the flag during the anthem in future events, as he has in countless events in the past.”


Why would a candidate ever call himself that?

Ryan might be comforted — or horrified — to learn that he’s not the only one to miss the one hand gesture that is a must for all American pols.

Considering he was trying to make fellow White House hopeful Bernie Sanders out to be the old fogey in the race, calling himself absentminded does not seem to help his cause.

“You don’t have to yell,” Ryan advised Sanders on the debate stage.

Now that we’re on the subject of analyzing Ryan’s every facial tic. How about the unfriendly way he greeted his fellow hopefuls when he came on stage? All the other candidates before him shook everyone else’s hand.

Ryan skipped that inane but vital ritual.

Where’s our apology for that one?

ABC News pressed Ryan on not putting his hand on his heart during the anthem.

A reporter asked if he had any thoughts on it.

“No, not really,” he told the network. “I love this country as much as everybody else.”