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Tomi Lahren Gets Called ‘Dim’ For Saying Something So Tomi Lahren

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Fox Nation’s Tomi Lahren is forever triggering lefties. Her latest thought on bringing your child from the third world into the U.S. has people totally losing their minds.

Randi Mayem Singer, a Democratic activist who wrote the screenplay for Mrs. Doubtfire, wrote, “Oh the ratio, dim Tomi. If you don’t try literally anything to get your kid legally out of even more dangerous conditions by any means possible, you’re a shitty parent. You… are a shitty human.”

Andrea González-Ramirez is a writer for Refinery29.

Inciting people has been Lahren’s trademark for awhile now. She lets her whole personality hang out, and sometimes even asks for advice on medical matters. (RELATED: Tomi Lahren Wants Help With Her Canker Sores)

Back in March, 2018, she wrote: “If you want to be the leader of a movement, you have to open yourself up for criticism and challenge. Lord knows I take my fair share of attacks and I’m okay with that. It’s what we signed up for. Buck up.”

Soledad O’Brien, a former anchor at CNN, replied, “Girl, please. You are leading nothing.”

Even Michigan’s former governor, Jennifer Granholm, replied to Lahren’s ‘traipse your kid 2,000 miles’ tweet.

“I would walk to the ends of the earth if it meant protecting my child,” Granholm, a CNN contributor, wrote.

Lots of people who despise Tomi call her “Tammy.” (RELATED: Here’s A Sense Of Tomi Lahren’s Fashion)

“If you traipse your kid 2,000 miles in dangerous conditions to leave an even more dangerous or desperate place, you’re not a criminal, you’re a parent who loves your kid more than life itself. Learn it, Tammy,” wrote Jamie Schler, an anti-Trump food writer for The Washington Post.

Twitter instigator Alex Theismann was beside himself over this latest Tomi Lahren tweet.

“Every time I think you’ve reached peak mouth breathing, you outdo yourself in how terminally stupid you are,” he wrote. “For the sake of all mankind, I hope you never have children and that you are it in your bloodline. I thank you in advance.”

TheBlaze‘s Glenn Beck has battled Lahren with the best of them, but she clearly has no intention of being quiet. (RELATED: Glenn Beck Wishes He’d Fired Tomi Lahren The Day He Met Her)

Tony Posnanski, a former HuffPost contributor and lefty writer who used to weigh 400 pounds, wasn’t as kind.

“Fuck you,” he wrote. “You don’t have kids so you have no idea what it’s like to do anything for them to survive and you have no idea of the conditions they are leaving.”