Construction Workers Troll Redskins Camp With Cowboys Fandom

Washington construction workers troll with Cowboys flag (Twitter/Screenshot/Public - User: Th@DarrenMHaynes)

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Some construction workers decided to have a little fun with the Washington Redskins training camp in Richmond, Virginia, by hanging a huge Dallas Cowboys flag on a nearby building they were working on.

In a couple videos shared by sports anchor Darren Haynes, the flag can be easily seen by players and coaches as both parties are hard at work. Eventually, the flag was taken down, but not before it was noticed by every player at practice. (RELATED: Ezekiel Elliott Reportedly Not On Team Plane Heading To Training Camp)

This is one of the funnier moments NFL fans have seen throughout training camp. I remember a couple years ago a Cowboys banner flew over a Philadelphia Eagles practice, which had Eagles fans ready for war.

This troll job is well done, and I fully support the workers’ decision to make their fandom known throughout Redskins camp. However, Redskins players were not too happy with what they were seeing miles away from camp.

This is exactly what makes sports great. Rivalries are not only between players, but also between the fans. I like to imagine the workers came up with this plan the day before and went home to find the flag in a basement somewhere.

I hope the Redskins didn’t make them take it down. Although, the team’s owner is Dan Snyder and I’m sure the flag didn’t make him the happiest person on the planet.