Graham Mertz, Jack Coan Talk Wisconsin Quarterback Battle Ahead Of Fall Camp

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Fall camp opens Thursday for the Wisconsin Badgers, and the eyes of the college football world are upon quarterbacks Graham Mertz and Jack Coan.

As we all know, Coan and Mertz are engaged in the biggest quarterback battle in the sport. When it comes to who will start, it’s the main talking point not just in Wisconsin, but in the college football world in general as we await a decision from head coach Paul Chryst. Either way, both quarterbacks sound ready to roll if their number is called. (RELATED: Wisconsin Coach Paul Chryst Has A ‘Pretty Good Idea’ Who Will Be The Starting QB)


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Mertz said the following about the transition and quarterback battle with Coan, according to the Wisconsin State Journal early Thursday morning:

The biggest thing was just spring ball, graduating early, getting up here. Spring ball came and once you just throw yourself into it and just say, ‘I’m all in. I’m just going to test myself to see how I do,’ that’s when you really grow. I thought it was great for my growth and my aspect on the whole playbook.

Coan said the following about the highly-publicized competition:

I’m not really worried about the competition. It’s mainly a competition between me and myself, I feel like. I’ll bet you the other quarterbacks would say the same. It’s really just focusing on how you can improve yourself and maximize each and every play.

Chryst also talked a lot about the importance of experience at the position, which he noted the Badgers don’t have much of at all.

You can see his press conference from Wednesday below.

I don’t expect a decision to be made within the next couple days, and I don’t actually expect the public to know for awhile.

A public announcement might not be made until we see one of them run out of the huddle against South Florida.

Chryst isn’t exactly known for being an open book, and I highly-doubt he’s going to want to tell everybody his plans for the most important position in all of sports.


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What I do know for sure is Chryst will play the man he feels gives the Badgers the best shot at winning August 30 against USF.

As I’ve said for a long time, I expect Coan to get the first snap, but I 100% expect both men to play. We didn’t bring in Graham Mertz to sit the bench.

We brought him to elevate the program to the next level. Whether that happens week one or down the road remains to be seen.

I’ll continue to hold the line right now on my prediction. Coan gets the first snap against the Bulls, Mertz plays and then a switch is made at some point in the season.

I’d be absolutely stunned if that turned out to not be the case. Now, if the young freshman phenom blows Coan away in camp, then it’s a different story.

Until we get reports of that, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.


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Sound off in the comments with who you think will bag the starting job. Either way, we’re in for a crazy time.