LeSean McCoy Pays Police Officer $55,000 Over Bar Brawl

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Buffalo Bills star LeSean McCoy had to fork over a ton of money for a 2016 bar brawl.

The explosive running back got into a bar altercation in a Philadelphia club with multiple off-duty police officers a few years back. (RELATED: NFL Star Allegedly Involved In Massive Altercation With Three Police Officers)

He was never criminally charged or suspended for the incident. However, he was ordered to pay a ton of money to one of the police officers.

According to ESPN on Tuesday, McCoy and a friend were both ordered to pay $55,000 stemming from the bar altercation, and the NFL star has already done so.

The off-duty police officer McCoy had to pay, Roland Butler, suffered injuries such as “lacerations” and “broken ribs.”


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That sure is a ton of money to hand over due to a fight. Of course, McCoy would probably much rather write a check than get suspended form the NFL or get criminally charged.

Given the fact McCoy has made nearly $60 million in his career, I think he can stomach losing $55,000. However, it’s still an incredibly expensive lesson to learn.


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Let this be a lesson to football players everywhere. Sometimes, it’s best to not be anywhere near situations that can potentially be violent.

Just learn to walk away, control yourself or just don’t go out at all. All those options are much cheaper than writing a check for $55,000.