Mike Leach Describes Tennessee Job Situation As A ‘Coup’ And ‘Something Out Of Shakespeare’

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

Washington State coach Mike Leach shined a light on his whole situation with Tennessee, and it’s wild.

There have long been whispers Leach nearly became the head coach of the Volunteers before the deal ultimately fell through. Tennessee eventually landed on Jeremy Pruitt after one of the strangest coaching searches ever conduct. (RELATED: SB Nation Says Mike Leach ‘Briefly Accepted’ The Job To Be The Tennessee Football Coach)

Leach said the following Thursday, during a talk with Paul Finebaum when talking about the process with the Volunteers, according to RockyTopTalk:

I just said, ‘I’m in L.A. Come out here and I’m happy to talk with you.’ Which we did. Shortly after that, there was a coup d’etat at the University of Tennessee. It was a coup d’etat. You can call it what you want, and I hope I don’t hurt anybody’s feelings at Tennessee, but it’s a fact. It was like something out of Shakespeare.

His comments didn’t stop there. When describing the chaos that unfolded in Knoxville, he stated in part:

All the sudden, they call home the AD, and en route they off him. Then the king or the chancellor who orders the offing of the AD because the guards are around him demanding that it be done in order to secure a position. Shortly after that, they off the president. Then they off the very chancellor who set it all in motion allegedly.

This is just another example of why Leach is so awesome. With only a few sentences, he painted an entire picture of a bloodbath.

I’m envisioning it all playing out like a scene from “Game of Thrones.” Just school executive after school executive getting struck down as they run for cover.

Communication with Leach gets completely cut off as the blood fills the streets.


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Of course, we shouldn’t be surprised by Leach’s ability to paint a scene. The man is a one man entertainment machine.

Everything that comes out of his mouth is entertaining. It’s just non-stop content for those of us who live and breathe for college football.

Finally, it’s a damn shame Tennessee didn’t hire Leach. It’s a true shame. Leach in the SEC would have been amazing for fans of the game.

He would get under Nick Saban’s skin in a fashion that would be second to none.

Hopefully, Leach eventually finds himself at a major program. It’s what the fans want and it’s what we need.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to enjoy his stories and antics at WSU.