Sean Hannity Wades Into Online Disagreement Between Two Fox News Personalities

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Fox News host Sean Hannity waded into a Twitter disagreement between fellow network personalities Brit Hume and Steve Hilton with a tweetstorm of his own.

The Friday exchange between Hilton and Hume centered around whether or not a Politico report cited by Hilton to promote his Sunday night show actually accused 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden of being “totally corrupt.”

Hume pointed out that the report cited “no evidence that Joe Biden used his power inappropriately or took action to benefit his relatives with respect to these ventures.” (RELATED: Fox News’ Sean Hannity And CNN’s Jim Acosta Trade Barbs Over ‘The Enemy Of The People’)

“There is plenty more evidence of his corruption than this article,” Hilton responded.

To which Hume pointed out that Hilton should have used another article:

Hilton backed off slightly, but Hume continued to press his point.

Later that night, Hannity began his series of tweets by posting a Mediaite article that framed the discussion between Hilton and Hume as an “attack.”

The Fox News host then defended Hume as “one of maybe 3 true fair, balanced and objective journalists in the country” before imploring Hilton to “apologize.”

Hannity later lamented what he viewed as fellow company employees “P}^*++= in the tent.”