Clemson Sits At The Top Of ESPN’s College Football Power Rankings

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Clemson and Alabama are at the top of ESPN’s initial college football preseason power rankings.

The Tigers are riding at number one and the Crimson Tide are right behind them at two. Georgia, Oklahoma and Ohio State round out the top five. (RELATED: August Is Officially The Start Of College Football)


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I’m glad to see at least ESPN has some common sense left. There’s no option in any rankings that make sense other than putting the Tigers at the top.

Anybody, and I mean absolutely anybody, who puts Alabama ahead of Clemson should be tuned out and immediately ignored.

They’re clearly an idiot, and have no business talking college football.

Now, that’s not to say Alabama won’t win the national title when it’s all said and done. They very well could. They’re my number two favorite right now to walk away with the trophy, and it’s the perfect spot for them.

They have a loaded roster, Tua is an incredible quarterback and Nick Saban is a living legend. All the pieces are there, but we need to see before believing.


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My only two beefs with this whole thing are very simple. First, Wisconsin is 22. It’s not awful, but it’s also not great.

Am I mad about it? No, but I think it’s a little ridiculious and we can leave it at that.


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My main issue is Nebraska being at 19. ESPN showed some great sense by putting Clemson at number one. However, putting the Cornhuskers at 19 is very dumb.

Again, they won four games last season. Four! People are acting like they’re the second coming. Give me a break.

For all the hype Michigan gets, Nebraska’s is far worse because it’s not even close to be warranted.

Sound off in the comments with who you’d put at the top. Can’t wait to see what you all think.