Freddie Kitchens Says He’ll Fire Any Assistant Who Secretly Speaks To The Media

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Cleveland Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens won’t allow assistants to secretly speak to the media, and they’ll face tough discipline if they do.

Kitchens told the media the following, according to Deadspin Monday night:

You know, the days of inside information, and the days of, of, uhh, unnamed sources and stuff like that have ended. So, you’re not gonna get any information like that, ever. Anybody. And if I ever see it, they’re fired, immediately. That’s the way we’re running this organization.

Well, I think it might be fair to say things are changing in Cleveland. Bob Wylie has been in the news a lot talking about his tenure with the team, and I’m guessing that probably plays a large part in Kitchens’ policy.

I actually don’t hate the standard at all. If you’re going to run a pro football team, you need complete and absolute loyalty. (RELATED: Baker Mayfield Opens Cleveland Browns Training Camp With Incredible Throw To Odell Beckham Jr.)

There can’t be any wiggle room. You’re either all in or you’re out.

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The situation is even more dire for the Browns because they’re a joke of a franchise. You can’t turn around that dumpster fire unless some serious changes are going to be made.

Firing coaches who go behind your back to talk to the media is a great start. It sets the tone from day one.


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The Browns have a culture that needs changing and that starts right at the top with management and coaches.

Having a zero tolerance policy for rats is exactly what the team needs. For all the other flaws in the franchise, it looks like Kitchens knows what’s up.


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Now, we’ll have to see if it translates to wins on the field.