Aaron Rodgers And Head Coach Matt LaFleur Have Completely Different Opinions On Joint Practices

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Aaron Rodgers and Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur couldn’t disagree more on joint practices.

The Packers held joint practices with the Houston Texans ahead of their preseason game Thursday, and Rodgers wasn’t a fan at all.

“I wouldn’t mind if they didn’t do it for another 14 years,” the star quarterback told the media Tuesday, according to ESPN. (RELATED: Brett Favre Says The Packers Have To Let Aaron Rodgers ‘Play His Game’)

You’d think the quarterback and head coach would be on the same page, right?

LaFleur told the media, “absolutely 100 percent I want to do this again.” You just hate to see the face of the Packers and the head coach have such different opinions!

Hate to see it!

By itself, this probably means nothing, but this isn’t the first time LaFleur and Rodgers have reportedly had issues, and we haven’t even played a game yet this season.

The Packers gunslinger was reportedly not pleased with having his freedom and control at the line of scrimmage dialed back.

However, that issue might have been solved because Rodgers also told the media on Tuesday he liked what they were doing on offense “a lot.”


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I really do hope Rodgers and LaFleur have a very poor relationship over the next couple years. Nothing would make me happier. Nothing would make me happier at all than watching the Packers descend into chaos.

It seems to be pretty well accepted Rodgers might not be the easiest man on the planet to get along with. Look no further than the entire situation with former head coach Mike McCarthy for proof of that fact.


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As a Lions fan, I always hope for carnage in the NFC North. Disagreeing on practices isn’t huge, but it’s a sign LaFleur and Rodgers are locked onto the same page.

I like seeing it. Let’s hope the disagreements spread like a cancer that slowly takes over the whole franchise. Now, I’d love to see that!