Do I Need To Start Wearing A Cowboy Hat Everywhere I Go?

David Hookstead (Credit: David Hookstead)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Ladies and gentlemen, it looks like the masses want me to start rocking a cowboy hat everywhere I go.

Today, on my Instagram account, I ran a poll asking people whether or not I should get this cowboy hat here.

As you can see in the photos below, I’ve been known to rock headwear from time to time.


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My look when I hear somebody from across the bar say they hate college football. (Photo credit @katrinabhaydon)

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You never know how these polls are going to turn out. There’s always a wildcard factor that you can’t really ever account for.

However, the results in this one were overwhelming and the vast majority of people wanted me to get the hat and wear it like a pro.

The loyal fans and followers wanted to go 100% Raylan Givens.

Now, I guess I really don’t have a choice. I can’t run a poll about getting a cowboy hat, have the results come in positive and then not do it.

Can’t happen that way. It’s like the election. Once the votes are in, the results are final.

Now, I have no doubts I have the confidence to pull off a cowboy hat, which is by far and away the most important part to the whole deal.

Some people incorrectly believe it’s the clothes that make a cowboy hat. That’s wrong. The man wearing it makes the hat. As the king of the internet, I have no doubts at all I could walk into any setting with a cowboy hat and look like I just got off the ranch.

Besides, people forget that I  grew up in the wilderness of Wisconsin and I used to live in Montana. I was molded by the countryside.

This isn’t a shtick like it is for most clowns wearing cowboy hats. It’s woven into my DNA since birth.

So, stay tuned, my friends. My daily attire might soon be getting an update and I’ll be ready to set the world on fire. The beer will taste a shade colder, the women will be a little more attractive and the money will be a little deeper in the pockets because when you rock a cowboy hat, you say everything without saying anything at all.