‘Home Alone’ Reportedly Getting The Reboot Treatment

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We could be seeing a reboot of the beloved Christmas movie “Home Alone.”

Head of Disney Bob Iger reportedly revealed a potential reboot of “Home Alone” for the streaming service Disney+ during an earnings call Tuesday, according to a report published by Comicbook.com.

Iger said the movie would be “re-imagined for a new generation.”

He also confirmed “Night At The Museum” and “Diary Of A Wimpy Kid” would also be seeing some kind of reboot. (RELATED: ‘Gossip Girl’ Set To Return To Television On New Streaming Service)

The call comes three weeks before Disney+ is set to launch at the D23 Expo 2019.

Disney+ will also be the permanent home for the “Star Wars” and Marvel franchises’ original content.

I’m all for reboots of Disney classics, and I’m also very excited for Disney+. However, I really want Disney to release something soon that isn’t the same as what they have already released.

It’s almost like they have run out of creativity and good ideas for new movies. A “Home Alone” reboot will of course be fun to watch, but I really doubt it can be better or even as good as the original.

I’d be more satisfied if Disney added shows from Disney Channel that have now been taken off air such as “Hannah Montana” and “Wizards Of Waverly Place.” Don’t make any reboots, just bring back the originals and make them available for people to watch.