Mass Shootings And The Opioid Crisis Share The Same Cause

Anders Hagstrom White House Correspondent
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Today’s Americans are quick to point fingers after mass shootings, blaming everything from guns and video-games to extremist political beliefs, but none of these are the true root cause of America’s mass shooting epidemic.

Today on Nuke the Narrative, Host Anders Hagstrom explains the relationship between America’s opioid crisis, our skyrocketing Millennial suicide rates, and mass shootings. The root cause is a widespread despair among young people — especially men — who grow up in broken homes and are drowning in debt with low-paying jobs.

Isolated by their circumstances, some turn to drugs, others to suicide, and still others to fringe, online communities in search of the sense of belonging they don’t get from real life. The true problem is not the radical right- or left-wing politics of these shooters, it’s the societal despair that drives them there.

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