The Highly-Anticipated Las Vegas Trip Is 21 Days Away. Is The College Football World Ready?

David Hookstead (Credit: David Hookstead)

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Ladies and gentlemen, we’re officially three weeks out from when I descend upon Las Vegas to unleash chaos in the world of college football.

As you all know, the world of college football has been waiting on pins and needles for me to show up and show out in Sin City to get the season started.

Anything less than complete domination won’t be acceptable for the King in the North.

Now, we’re three weeks out from that glorious day, and I couldn’t be more excited. Plans are in place, security details are being finalized, travel plans are locked down, and word is all the power brokers in Vegas are preparing to meet me at the airport.

It’s go time from the moment I wake up August 30. I don’t care if I need the national guard to clear the roads from my place to the airport. (RELATED: Wisconsin Coach Paul Chryst Has A ‘Pretty Good Idea’ Who Will Be The Starting QB)

Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, will stop me from getting to Las Vegas. I’ll have the Air Force shut down the airspace for everything but my plane if it comes to it, and have them escort me straight to the runway in Vegas. I’ll even make sure to get some awesome call sign like Badger Force One.

The main question at this point is if the world of college football is ready for the domination I plan on bringing August 30 through the weekend.

I’m talking about running the gambling scene, drinking all the booze, partying nonstop and much more. They might have to open the beer reserves once I arrive in town.

We can’t take any chances!

First order of business? Find a beer, check into my hotel room and head straight to the sports book. As any military expert can tell you, successful operators are surgical.

Forget sight seeing. I have games to watch. Drop the bags, grab the cash and roll.

To tell you how serious I am, hotel leadership (location being kept secret out of security concerns) has already been notified and read into game day plans. I’ve been guaranteed that there will be a cold beer ready and waiting at all times. That’s what we like to call service.

There will be no distractions, there will be no roadblocks or anything else to stop me from unleashing once the Badgers kick against South Florida.

See you soon, Vegas. I hope you’re all ready because my crew and I are ready to roll.