3 Big 10 Teams Are .500 Or Better Against Top 25 Teams Since 2014

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Only three football programs in the Big 10 have .500 or better records against top 25 teams since 2014.

According to a tweet from Connor O’Gara, the only teams in the playoff era from the conference .500 or better against ranked teams are Ohio State at 20-3, Michigan State at 11-10 and Wisconsin at 10-10. Everybody else is under .500. (RELATED: August Is Officially The Start Of College Football)

What a wild list. The gap between Ohio State and everybody else is insane. 20-3! That’s a hell of an impressive record.

It just goes to show how dominant the Buckeyes have been the past few years under Urban Meyer.

As for Michigan State and my Badgers, they’re both clinging by a thread to having respectable numbers. Am I happy with Wisconsin being at .500?

No, but it’s certainly better than a lot of the list. I expect to be well above that benchmark. I expect excellence, and we’re barely getting it.

There are some teams that should be downright ashamed of that list. Michigan being 8-13 is embarrassing. It truly is.

All we ever hear is how amazing Jim Harbaugh is. Yet, they’re five games under .500 in the past five years against ranked teams.

I guess simply talking about how good you are doesn’t actually win games. Who would have guessed?

Even worse than the Wolverines, how the hell does Nebraska only have two wins against ranked teams since 2014?

They’re supposed to be a premier program! Two wins! Are you kidding me?

Even Purdue has more wins against ranked teams. You know you’ve screwed up big time whenever Purdue is ahead of you.

I want our premier programs to put up big time numbers. Right now, only Michigan State, OSU and Wisconsin can say they’re getting the job done.

Shameful. Absolutely shameful.