‘Last Chance U’ Returning For Season 5 At Laney College In California

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief

“Last Chance U” will be back for another season, and it’s heading to California.

The hit Netflix show announced on its official Twitter page Friday night that the fifth season will be at Laney College in Oakland, California.

I’m glad to the show is continuing. It’s really one of the best shows out there when it comes to sports, and it never hurts to get more football content. (RELATED: Former ‘Last Chance U’ Star Malik Henry Expected To Start At Quarterback For Nevada)

It’s always a great day whenever we have more football in our lives, and nothing really beats “Last Chance U.”

The two schools featured through the first four seasons were both great. Now, we’re headed to California after stints in Mississippi and Iowa.


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It should be interesting to see what JUCO ball is like in California compared to Iowa and Mississippi.

Not just California, but Oakland! I’m confident when I say their talent pool must be substantially larger than what JUCOs in the middle of America must have.

Outside of “Last Chance U,” I don’t know a ton about JUCO football, but it would just seem like a state the size of California must be loaded with talent.


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I guess we’ll find out when season five is released in 2020. Can’t wait to continue watching young men fight and claw for a chance at major college football.