Taylor Swift Urges People To Support The Women’s National Soccer Team Getting Paid More Money

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Taylor Swift had some words of support for the U.S. women’s national soccer team Sunday night during the Teen Choice Awards.

The music superstar, who also announced the release of a new single Aug. 16, was awarded the Icon Award, and she spent a substantial amount of her acceptance speech talking about the USWNT trying to get paid more money.

She said the following on the topic:

First, I want to talk about Alex Morgan. The fact she’s here presenting this to me is such an honor. Not only winning the World Cup with her amazing teammates, right? But while they were winning the World Cup, they were also taking a historic stand in terms of gender equality, gender pay gap. Please, please, please support her and her teammates because this isn’t over yet. It’s not resolved. Get online, talk about it, let people know how you feel about it because what happened to them is unfair. It’s happening everywhere and they’re heroes and icons for standing up.

You can watch her full comments below.

Obviously, I’m a huge fan of Swift. I think we all are. She’s a generational talent and one of the greatest singers the game has ever seen.

Having said that, she might want to brush up on her facts a bit before dropping a hype promo for the women’s soccer team.

The president of the U.S. soccer federation recently claimed the USWNT has lost more than $27 million over the past decade and that the men pretty much double up on per game revenue. That’s on top of the fact the men’s World Cup and men’s sports in general make way more money than their female counterparts. That’s not sexism. That’s just a fact. (RELATED: U.S. Soccer Federation President Says The Women’s National Team Has Lost $27.5 Million Since 2009)


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I’m all for paying people what they’re worth, but the women’s soccer team hasn’t done much in my eyes to prove they should get paid more.

If the women’s World Cup starts generating the same kind of cash as the men do, then I’m all for paying women like the men.

Seeing as how that’ll almost certainly never happen, this is all kind of a pointless conversation.


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Finally, remember when people begged Taylor Swift to get more political and she refused? Yeah, I sure do wish we could return to those days.

I’m a big fan, but her political opinions aren’t why I listen to her music, especially when they’re not rooted in fact.

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