Dak Prescott Is Reportedly Demanding $40 Million Annually From The Cowboys. PFT Claims It’s Not True

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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There are conflicting reports out there about the kind of cash Dak Prescott wants to be paid by the Dallas Cowboys.

According to Jane Slater of the NFL Network on Monday, the young quarterback is demanding an annual salary of $40 million, which would make him the highest paid QB in the history of football. (RELATED: Ezekiel Elliott Reportedly Wants A Contract Bigger Than Todd Gurley’s $57.5 Million)

She also added the final contract number “would likely be closer” to $34-$35 million.

However, a report from ProFootball talk on Monday said it’s not true that the Cowboys gunslinger is demanding a salary that high.

A source told PFT that the number isn’t that high based on “either new money or total value at signing.”


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Nothing like some conflicting reports in the NFL to really get the blood pumping. This is what we live for. For the sake of argument, let’s say Slater is correct.

If Prescott actually asked for $40 million annually, he should be checked into a mental evaluation facility ASAP.

Nobody with a functioning brain could ever possibly think he is worth that kind of money, and that includes himself.

There’s confidence and then there’s delusion.


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Furthermore, the Cowboys would be insanely stupid to give Prescott major money. Giving him $25 million should be the limit. That should honestly be the end of the line.

He can take it or he can leave it, but even $30 million is outrageous. Putting the number even close to $40 million would be an all-time bonehead move from Jerry Jones.

I honestly have no idea what the Cowboys plan on doing here, but paying Prescott the same kind of money as Russell Wilson is simply absurd.

It’ll cripple the team going forward, dry up the money for other pieces and we all know Prescott needs to be surrounded by talent.

Jerry Jones is a very smart guy, and I simply have to believe he’s way too smart to make a mistake with Prescott’s reportedly desired deal.