Jedediah Bila On Trump’s Small Dollar Donation Surge: ‘Huge Groundswell’ Of ‘Grassroots Support’ Could Spell Danger For Dems

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Fox News co-host Jedediah Bila said a “huge groundswell” of “grassroots support,” evidenced by a surge in small donations for President Donald Trump’s campaign, could spell trouble for Democrats in 2020.

Federal Election Commission figures show the president raising 61 percent of his money from small donors who contribute $200 or less, a figure significantly higher than prior GOP nominees Mitt Romney and John McCain, who both weighed in at 26 percent.

Tuesday’s “The Five” discussion came after producers played a clip of Texas Democratic Rep. Al Green saying impeachment would make Trump “persona non grata” to wealthy donors.


“The idea that he’s gonna be persona non grata to wealthy donors, last time around, as this time around, he gets his money in small donations in a way that Mitt Romney and John McCain and Republican candidates usually don’t,” said fill-in co-host Mark Steyn. “If a couple of billionaires are embarrassed because he’s impeached, big deal. He will still get his $50 and $100 donations, and that’s what he got last time, and that’s the difference …”

“It’s a huge problem,” said Bila. “The folks on the left aren’t used to having to deal with candidates like this on the right. This is a huge groundswell, and you’re seeing grassroots support and that’s very dangerous for the competition because that means that those people are going to go out and vote. Those grassroots supporters get really passionate around election time.” (RELATED: Victor Davis Hanson Tells Tucker Why California Is ‘America’s First Third-World State’)

Bila wondered if “left-wingers” like HBO host Bill Maher, who is calling for a recession that would hurt working people, “don’t secretly work for Trump.”

Co-host Greg Gutfeld added that Democrats pushing for a “trade war” by boycotting conservative businesses are pushing “the marginalized to give money to Trump.”