Watch Nat Wolff And Alexander Skarsgard In The Trailer For ‘The Kill Team’

The Kill Team (Credit: Screenshot/YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mab6h2sE5g)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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The trailer for “The Kill Team” with Nat Wolff and Alexander Skarsgard dropped Tuesday, and it looks like an absolutely chilling film.

The Hollywood Reporter reported the following details on the movie:

Written and directed by Emmy and Oscar nominee Dan Krauss, and based on his 2013 feature documentary of the same name, the film stars Nat Wolff, Alexander Skarsgard and Rob Morrow.

The Kill Team follows a young soldier in the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan who witnesses other recruits killing innocent civilians and considers reporting them to higher-ups as the heavily armed, increasingly violent platoon becomes suspicious that someone in their ranks has turned on them.

Give the trailer a watch below.

Let me start off by saying a very quick Google search can tell you what happened to these guys and the full story behind the film. (RELATED: The Trailer For ‘Westworld‘ Season 3 Has Been Released. It’s Absolutely Insane)

I’m not going to say much about the plot details other than what is above because it’ll ruin the entire movie for everybody.

Having said that, I think there is a very high chance this movie turns out to be very impressive. Skarsgard and Wolf are both incredibly talented actors.


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Add in the fact it’s about the war in Afghanistan, so it’s bound to get people interested.

The unique thing about “The Kill Team” is that it’s clearly not a pro-war film at all. Again, a very quick Google search will tell you why in a matter of seconds.


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You can catch “The Kill Team” in theaters October 25. Something tells me it’s going to be a film that gets a lot of people talking.

For those of you who do know what happened, feel free to sound off in the comments with your thoughts on the upcoming movie.