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This Is The Saddest Pentagon Tweet, Maybe Ever

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Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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If you think journalists are the only people on the planet who make really dumb mistakes in their copy, let me introduce you to the the U.S. Department of Defense.

In five words Monday night, the government branch turned a gunnery sergeant’s death into a sad trombone. As if it wasn’t sad in the first place, the agency couldn’t even get the location right?

U.S. Department of Defense: “CORRECTION: The location is Iraq.”

One follower summed it all up well: “If u took that extra 15 to lroof read on GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTS…idk might look better…..or like we fund compitance.[sic]”

Competence is spelled with two “e’s” but the guy makes a decent point.

Joseph Schultz, a retired teacher, remarked, “DOD needs to know where their people are when they’re killed.”

Jill Levy, a music industry exec, added, “How do you mess that up? Do you even care?”

Still another follower had a brilliant suggestion.

“Maybe delete and start over? A correction looks careless.”

To say the least.

Katy Johnson, a former Air Force intelligence officer, agreed, tweeting, “Delete and try again. Not a correction.”

Another wondered if actual monkeys are running DOD’s Twitter account.

In all seriousness, may Sgt. Scott Koppenhafer rest in peace and sincere condolences to his family.

And may whoever runs DOD’s Twitter feed get a proofer.