Tom Brady Says It’s Not The ‘Time To Worry’ About His Future

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady doesn’t think it’s time to worry about when he’ll step away from the game.

The six-time Super Bowl champ recently put his house on the market, which obviously made people talk about what might happen at the end of the season. However, he recently made it clear he’s not stepping away and this isn’t a situation people should focus on. (RELATED: Tom Brady Agrees To 2-Year Extension With The New England Patriots)

Brady said the following in part about the situation with his house being for sale and his love of playing for the Pats, according to WEEI on Monday:

You shouldn’t read into anything…I am certainly at a place — we have been at the same place for a long time and I love playing for the Patriots. I have such a great relationship with Mr. Kraft and Coach Belichick and our team. We’ll worry about that when that happens. This isn’t the time to worry about it.

As Tom Brady also pointed out, his house is a bit “expensive,” and moving real estate with a big price tag isn’t always easy.

The reality of the matter is Brady will hang it up whenever he wants to hang it up. The man has six Super Bowl rings.

I think he’s done enough to cement his NFL legacy. Selling a house shouldn’t and doesn’t indicate anything. To read into it past that is just foolish.


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It’s also worth pointing out that Brady just signed a contract extension with the team. It seems like the Pats are happy to have him for as long as he’d like to play.

Again, Brady is loaded. He has a ton of money. Selling a house doesn’t mean the Pats are ready to move on or that he’s getting ready to retire.

For all we know, the six-time champion might want to play for a few more years.


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There’s no need to panic at all if you’re a fan of the Patriots. As long as Brady is standing upright and throwing, then the team should be just fine.

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