NCAA Changes Rule Requiring Agents Of Potential NBA Players To Have A Bachelor’s Degree

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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The NCAA’s new rule for the agents of potential NBA players didn’t last long.

The governing body of college athletics recently implemented a new rule requiring agents looking to represent young men testing the draft waters to have a bachelor’s degree. (RELATED: Los Angeles Clippers Sign Kawhi Leonard)

However, they announced on Monday the rule was being amended to allowing people “currently certified and in good standing with the NBPA” to represent players.

It was believed by some the rule was instituted in response to LeBron James’ agent Rich Paul, who doesn’t have a degree.


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Well, that didn’t last long at all. Not long at all. There’s no question I hate the NCAA, but this was 100% the right call.

Now, it was their own idiotic decision to begin with, but at least the NCAA recognized how dumb it was to require a bachelor’s degree to be able represent players.

As I noted previously, some of the most successful people I know don’t have college degrees and they’re doing just fine.

Simply having a degree isn’t much of an indicator how successful somebody will or won’t be in life. People who think that likely don’t leave the coastal parts of America very often.

You’re in for a harsh awakening if you think a piece of paper will dictate your future, and I say that as somebody who went to a major university.

It doesn’t mean much the moment to get your diploma.

If somebody can grind it out and successful get deals done, then the NCAA has no business telling them they can’t be an agent.

The NCAA royally screwed up when they first created the rule, but at least they’ve amended it to allow people in good standing to continue.