Victor Davis Hanson: Democrats Won’t Condemn ICE Facility Shootings Because They Could ‘Spike Illegal Immigration Up’

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Conservative commentator Victor Davis Hanson said Democrats may not be strongly condemning recent attacks on ICE facilities because they secretly hope such actions will “deter” the agency’s purview and lead to a “spike” in illegal immigration.

Speaking on Wednesday night’s edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” with guest host Mark Steyn, Hanson noted that illegal immigration has already flipped several key states and is, to Democrats, “central to the future of the Progressive movement.”


After Hanson noted that Democrats who feel they “can’t convince the electorate” instead want to “change the electorate” through illegal immigration, the conservative author responded to Steyn’s question about whether attacking ICE agents as “Nazis” is “a good faith assault” or “entirely cynical.”

“I think it’s very dangerous,” said Hanson before observing that Democrats tend to weigh in on every mass shooting, but “we haven’t seen any of them really weigh in to any significant degree to stop” shootings on ICE facilities, though issuing such a statement would be easy.

“Especially they could say that, because they told us again and again that rhetoric can incite violence, at least in some cases, but they are not doing that because it’s almost as if they feel that these attacks on ICE offices might deter a little bit the purview of ICE and that might spike illegal immigration up a bit,” he added. “I’m trying to be blunt, but I really do believe they feel that illegal immigration has flipped California, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, and it’s central to the future of the progressive movement. They are pretty open and candid about it.”

“If it flips Texas they win the Electoral College now and forever,” Steyn noted.

“They do, and one way of taking Texas is saying anybody who enforces border security, supports ICE, is tantamount to a Nazi and … ‘we know what we should do with you.’ They are prepping the battlefield so people don’t speak out against this,” Hanson concluded. (RELATED: Retired Army Colonel Douglas MacGregor: The ‘Future For The Left’ Is ‘Demographic Change’)

Former ICE Director Tom Homan criticized Democrats for failing to strongly condemn attacks on ICE facilities in an op-ed published Wednesday.

“It’s particularly disturbing that many of the same Democratic politicians, news organizations and other groups that justifiably condemned the El Paso shooter for his hate-filled diatribe against Hispanic people and his murderous rampage have failed to condemn the hate-filled diatribes and violence generated by extremist on the left. There should not be a double standard,” Homan wrote.