Watch Body Cam Footage From Police Pulling Guns On Yankees GM Brian Cashman

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David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Body cam footage from Brian Cashman’s recent interaction with Connecticut police has been released.

The New York Post released footage Wednesday of the Yankees general manager being confronted by Darien police officers after he was stopped because they thought his vehicle was still stolen and being driven by somebody other than him. (RELATED: Police Stop New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman At Gunpoint Over Car Robbery Mistake)

He also matched the description of somebody waving a weapon around from a recent 911 call. In the body camera footage, police pull their guns on the Yankees general manager but quickly realize there’s no issue at hand.

Watch the video below.

All things considered, the police and Cashman handled this situation like pros. There was clearly no imminent threat and it was also obvious the Yankees GM wasn’t going to cause any problems.

Plus, he now has a really cool story to tell in the clubhouse and the police have a story to tell at the station. Imagine getting a 911 call about a stolen vehicle, showing up and finding the Yankees general manager.

That’s the kind of story you tell for a long time.


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Sure, it’s never great to get a gun pulled on you or have a bunch of cops swarm you. Nobody wants to pencil that into their schedule, especially if they’re busy running the Yankees.

However, everybody did a great job, was professional and it didn’t take long. Major props to everybody involved for keeping their cool during an intense situation before they all ultimately realized there was no problem.