Equinox Announces $5,000,000 Donation To Charities Following Donald Trump Fundraiser Scandal

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Fitness gym Equinox announced Thursday the gym would donate $1M each to five different charities.

The donation comes a week after Equinox and sister gym SoulCycle received backlash when members found out investor Stephen Ross was hosting a political fundraiser for Donald Trump, according to a report published by Page Six.

“Many of you have asked for clarification on Stephen Ross’s investment in Equinox,” Spevak wrote in a memo to staff. “Mr. Ross is not the majority investor in Equinox. He is one of the investors including myself. He does not run the company. I do. I am the Executive Chairman of Equinox and have led the vision and strategic direction of the company since I joined in 1999. Our focus has always been about building a community centered on our values, not politics.” (RELATED: SoulCycle Owner Faces Backlash For Throwing Campaign Celebration For Trump)

Equinox will donate $1M each to Cycle for Survival, The Heroes Project, The Felix Organization, Move for Minds and House Lives Matter.

“While I don’t have all the answers, what we have heard from many of you is that you would like Equinox to immediately help amplify your voice in support of causes we as a community have always held close,” Spevak continued. “As a next step, Equinox will make a $1 million donation to benefit the five charities mentioned above. From August 17 through August 31, every check-in will be an opportunity for our members and employees to select how our donation will be allocated among the causes.”

“We will continue to listen to your thoughts and ideas, and while we have a lot of work to do, I am confident that together we will come out a stronger community,” Spevak added.