REVIEW: ‘Yellowstone’ Continues To Be Great In New Episode ‘Behind Us Only Grey’

Yellowstone (Credit: Paramount Network)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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The new “Yellowstone” episode “Behind Us Only Grey” was outstanding Wednesday night.


Coming off of episode seven last week, I think we all expected the momentum to stay high with the Paramount Network hit show.

My friends, last night didn’t disappoint at all. It didn’t have the same level of action as “Resurrection Day,” but it was still great. (RELATED: ‘Yellowstone‘ Ends With Bloodshed In Awesome New Episode ‘Resurrection Day’)

There are a couple main points I want to touch on. First, John Dutton, Rainwater and Dan Jenkins came together and agreed to kill the Beck brothers in order to eliminate the problems they’re causing.

Rainwater and Jenkins both speak into a tape recorder agreeing in their own words to off the brothers. John takes the recorder as insurance and then promises it’ll be his people that get the job done.

The Duttons have learned the Beck brothers have a private plane, and they’re going to lure them to Jackson Hole, Wyoming in order to take the plane out.

It’s not really clear what the plan is at all, but Kayce seems to be running point. Are they going to shoot it down? Are they going to plant a bomb once it’s in Jackson Hole? The plan isn’t clear, but it’s clear the former enemies are now coming together to wipe the Beck brothers off the planet.

Second, the Becks have made it clear they’re coming for the one John Dutton “loves the most.” There are only two clear options, and they show it in the final moments of the episode.

They’re either coming for Tate or Kayce first. To me, it would seem like Tate is the most obvious option. If they take out the Dutton grandson, things are going to escalate to a point there’s no coming back from.

We’re already there after the attack on Beth, but taking out Tate would take things to an entirely new level.

Plus, killing Kayce wouldn’t be easy. He’s a former Navy SEAL, and he means business. The dude has no problem killing people and the Beck brothers probably know it.

On a few more minor points. Monica and Beth had a little heart-to-heart, and the Dutton daughter made it clear that the family business isn’t sunshine and roses.

It’s surrounded by death and violence. Monica better come to realize this if she wants to stick around.

Jimmy also had a nice little storyline as he goes to pay off the drug dealers who tried to attack him. He used his rodeo money, but they want more.

Something tells me the fellow ranch hands are going to come together to back Jimmy up here if necessary. I don’t know why the drug dealers seem intent on getting themselves killed, but here we are.

Finally, the Beck brothers had their guy kill a Native American guard near the development construction site, and they made it look like the Duttons did it. This isn’t a huge plot point, but it does show a sense of urgency in the situation.

John sets the trap in Jackson Hole and we’re off to the races next week in episode nine!


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Tune in next week to watch episode nine. It should be outstanding.

P.S.: Here is a live look at me when the Duttons talk about killing the Becks.