‘Outrageous’ — Susan Collins Slams House Judiciary Committee’s ‘Absurd’ Request For Kavanaugh Records

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Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins blasted the House Judiciary Committee’s attempts to obtain records from Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s service in the White House under George W. Bush.

Appearing on Thursday night’s edition of “The Story with Martha MacCallum,” Collins called the request “outrageous,” saying it would have never happened if the nominee had been on former President Obama’s staff.


Fox News host Martha MacCallum asked Collins about the committee, led by Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler, and its attempt to “revisit the Brett Kavanaugh issue, going back to the Bush records … and combing through them to see if there’s anything to sort of negate his ability to be a Supreme Court justice.” (RELATED: Trump, Bush Can Review Democratic Request For Kavanaugh White House Files)

“I think that is absurd,” said Collins. “He has been confirmed to the highest court in the land. I’ve been watching his decisions. He’s clearly in the mainstream, and for the House Judiciary Committee, which plays no role in the confirmation process at all, to say that it has the right to these confidential records is outrageous and would never have been done if it were the records of President Obama’s staff secretary that they were seeking. That just would not happen.”