Anti-Cop Rhetoric Is Putting Police Officers In Danger

Daily Caller/ Getty Images/ Drew Angerer

Caitlin McFall Video Journalist
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Three NYPD officers were attacked this weekend after responding to a rowdy party in Brooklyn.  People threw bottles along with other items from rooftops, targeting the officers.

17 people were brought into custody by the NYPD while 4 people were arrested, including a 17-year-old male who was arrested after he allegedly headbutted the back of a police officer’s head. (RELATED: NYPD Fires Daniel Pantaleo Five Years After Role In Eric Garner’s Death)

This most recent attack comes just a couple weeks after several officers were targeted with water buckets while they made arrests in both Brooklyn and Harlem.

But more troubling than just the rates at which police officers in New York City are being targeted is the increasing rate of NYPD suicides – which have more than doubled from last year.


Tune in to see what is happening to the NYPD’s officers.


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