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Afternoon Mirror: Ex-VF Editor Graydon Carter Calls Epstein, Trump ‘Two Birds Of A Feather’ With Young Women

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“All of the men who rush to the replies of tweets slamming Mark Halperin and say ‘Is he supposed to be unemployed forever?!’ never seem to ask the same question about the women who survived his predation. Most women who face sexual misconduct never see their careers recover.”

Yashar Ali, writer, New York Mag, HuffPost

MOOD: “Want to make a comeback? First make amends.” — WaPo media columnist Margaret Sullivan in a harsh piece Monday regarding Mark Halperin inking a new book deal.

Ex-Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter rips President Trump, compares him to Jeffrey Epstein 

“It’s no surprise that Trump and Epstein were chums back in the day,” wrote Carter in a note to readers. “When it came to young women they were birds of a feather. …My two cents: the Epstein enterprise was a blackmail racket. High-powered men find themselves in the company of attractive young women. Compromising situations are recorded. And donations are then made to an Epstein charity… …the unspooling of the Epstein saga must be giving the president fits at night—as it should a good number of high-flying financiers and former heads of state.” — Graydon Carter, Airmail. (RELATED: Hot Woman Visited Jeffrey Epstein In The Jug)

Graydon Carter is the founder of the new international publication, Airmail.

In a note to readers over the weekend, he shredded President Trump by comparing him to the late convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who committed suicide in his jail cell last week.

Trump has a list of female accusers and used to pal around with Epstein in 1992 and was still commenting favorably about him in 2002. The 45th president has not been accused of anything by any underage women.

Mike Elk takes a nasty dig at Politico 

Email subject line: “Only $38 Short of 4th Anniversary for Firing Goal”

“Folks, Good news, we raised $362 towards our $400 goal to mark the 4th anniversary of my firing from Politico for union organizing. We’re only $38 short of our fundraising goal. Pass the hat and donate today. Melk”

Mike Elk, editor, Payday Report. Elk was a labor reporter for Politico. While working there, he tried to unionize the newsroom, which didn’t go over too well. Elk, who has long talked openly about his diagnosed PTSD disorder, was asked to work from his home and not in the newsroom. Politico fired him in 2015 and he received a hefty severance package, which he used, at least initially, to fund Payday Report. Elk is infamous for creating GoFundMe pages for Spring Break. He also once got arrested for not paying his bar tab. A judge banned him from frequenting a slew of Tennessee bars. He proceeded to make fun of the bar owner’s alleged small penis. Strangely enough, the owner admitted he wasn’t so well-endowed. (There’s more, but that synopsis was just off the top of my head.)

The Ass Kisser

“Tried the taco bowl in @TrumpTower today and it was legitimately good!” — Raheem Kassam, former editor-in-chief of the revived Human Events. He held this position for three months. He’s a former bureau chief at Breitbart News.

Mark Halperin’s new book goes over like a lead balloon (RELATED: Halperin’s Book Under Fire Before Release)

Politico broke the news of the book Sunday.

According to CNN, even reps at MSNBC and NBC say they will not have him on their networks to promote his book, which is due out in November. Unless of course Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough find a way to sneak him onto “Morning Joe.” It has been two years since a bunch of women came forward to accuse Halperin of sexual harassment and assault when he worked at ABC. He acknowledged some of the bad behavior, but denied much of it, especially the alleged assault. He has apologized profusely, to the point of nauseam. You might remember that Mika once thought it would be a great idea to gather Halperin and his accusers for a meeting so they could better understand one another. What was she going to do, lead them in a therapy session? She apologized for being so tone deaf. (RELATED: Mark Halperin’s Annoying, Incessant Apologizing Needs To Stop)

Here are some of the reactions to Halperin’s book, How To Beat Trump: America’s Top Political Strategists On What It Will Take.

David Axelrod, host, CNN, ex-aide, former President Obama: “To those who have asked, I have known Mark Halperin as a reporter for 25 years. He emailed me three questions about the 2020 race for a book he was writing and I replied in a few sentences, without giving enough thought to how my participation would be used or interpreted. …By answering Halperin’s questions, I did not in any way mean to excuse his past, egregious behavior and, in retrospect, I regret responding at all.”

Emily Miller: “Thank you for saying you regret it. I wish someone had told us – the victims – this was happening so we could at least prepare emotionally. @ThePressForward” 

Miller also told CNN’s Oliver Darcy in a late-night newsletter Sunday… “Miller told me she was at a baseball game when she received a text with the news. ‘I had to leave the seats and sit in the hall to breathe,'” Miller said. “I get this reaction when I am scared he will be a danger again. And he is a danger when he has power and fame, which he will have again now.”

Read Darcy’s 2017 story about the scandal here.

Eric Michael Garcia, associate editor, The Hill: “My response when any of these dudes get their “redemption” is what about the women they materially hurt? They deserve redemption before them.”

Laura Goldman, contributor, Daily Mail: “The good old boys club strikes again. You are only sorry you got caught.”

Gretchen Carlson: “He didn’t tell you – you were participating in a book? Also it doesn’t matter how long you’ve known someone when they’re accused of annihilating women. Thanks.”

On Sunday, while all this s**t was blowing up, Halperin casually asked, “What would happen if you shared Wide World of News with three other people today? Use this link and find out.”

The Observer

“Let’s all be clear: @MarkHalperin —who harassed and assaulted multiple women—gets a deal for a book in which 75 Democrats talked to him but @MaggieNYT loses her advance because another male reporter was accused of bad behavior. What kind of dumb world is this?” — Meredith Shiner, former reporter, Roll Call

Ellen‘s producer ‘detests’ Trump 

“I detest Trump.
He and his entire family blocked me for a reason.
It should go without saying, I hate proud boys, Nazis, & fascists.
I don’t think violence is the best response to violence.
I wasn’t great at saying this.
I suck at this sometimes.
I deleted my original tweet.”

Andy Lassner, executive producer, The Ellen Show.


“The Atlantic announced that Kaitlyn Tiffany is joining its tech team as a staff writer covering internet culture. Tiffany comes to The Atlantic from The Goods, at Vox, where she was a tech reporter. She begins with The Atlantic next month, and will be based in New York.” — The Atlantic PR team.

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