Tucker Tackles Biden’s ‘Embellished’ Biography: ‘He Was A Coal Miner’

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Tucker Carlson kicked off his Tuesday night show on Fox News with a look at the details former Vice President Joe Biden has “embellished” into his personal history.

Carlson and his guest, the Washington Examiner’s Alana Goodman, noted several of Biden’s autobiographical claims over the years that just don’t appear to add up. (RELATED: Biden Slips Again: ‘Poor Kids Are Just As Bright And Just As Talented As White Kids’)


“He’s got a million stories like that and he’s the hero of every single one of them,” Carlson began. “Take a seat and he’ll tell you. And as you listen, remember that this man, this former coal miner and civil rights leader is the single sanest person running for president as a Democrat this year. Meditate on that for the minute.”

Carlson then brought in Goodman to talk about “Biden’s many biographical claims, some of which seem to be categorically false.”

“So, he was a coal miner,” Carlson prompted.

“He was a coal miner, he was shot, he had his helicopter forced down and he discovered where Osama bin Laden’s safehouse was in the mountains of Afghanistan,” Goodman explained. “So amazing stories. Actually, I had written a list of six of these different biographical details that Biden had embellished and we had to cut that down from a lot more obviously.”

The sticking point, for both Carlson and Goodman, wsa Biden’s claim that he had been actively involved in the civil rights movement. “There is something about to Biden that leads him to lie about his biography but a point that you made that I think is worth focusing on is, he pretended or is claimed to be a leader of the civil rights movement,” Tucker said.

“Yes,” Goodman agreed. “I think this could actually be the biggest problem for him out of all of these because this gets into an issue of appropriation and you are talking about — he claims specifically that he was involved in the sit ins along Route 40 at segregated restaurants.”

Goodman pointed out that a lot of the protesters involved at that point in the movement were “very serious activists,” some of whom were sent to prison for their trouble. “And, so, you have Biden making these claims, he is taking credit for this without taking any of the risks,” she continued, adding that the activists she spoke to had “no recollection” of Biden ever being involved.

Biden also reportedly claimed to have organized a sit-in at a Delaware restaurant because management refused service to a black student from his football team. But Goodman noted, “That student later in an interview in 1997 said that he — this had never happened. That he hadn’t even told Biden about this at the time when he was told to leave the restaurant so Biden didn’t find out about it until after the fact.”

“Remarkable,” Carlson concluded. “It shows what can happen if you are one of the only reporters from Washington was actually interested in facts as you are and we are grateful that you are. Thank you for that.”