‘Baywatch’ Star Pamela Anderson Admits She Can Still Fit Into The Iconic Red Swimsuit

(Photo: ERWIN SCHERIAU/AFP/Getty Images)

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Actress Pamela Anderson admitted she can still fit into her red swimsuit she wore for the 1989 hit series “Baywatch.”

Anderson, 52, revealed she can fit in the red one-piece and still uses the bathing suit to surprise men she dates, according to an interview published Saturday by the New York Times.

“I jump in the shower with a bathing suit and then jump on them wherever they are in the house, soaking wet,” Anderson told the Times.

While Anderson slips hers on from time to time to show off, actress Carmen Electra framed her suit.

“I have my suit framed and when people come over to the house, they get really excited,” Electra admitted. “It just has this effect on people. It was empowering.” (RELATED: Genie Bouchard’s ‘Baywatch’ Swimsuit Instagram Bender Continues)

Actress Kelly Packard claimed the infamous one-piece changed what people think of as sexy.

“The fact that it’s still a trend to wear a one-piece speaks volumes because prior to ‘Baywatch,’ I think there was this notion that to look sexy, you had to wear a string bikini,” Packard said.

I’m glad the one-piece has come back into trend. It allows women to feel good about their bodies while still looking sexy in a bathing suit. The fact that Anderson can still fit into hers is wild because it’s been 22 years.

Good for her.