March For Our Lives Proposes ‘A Green New Deal But For Guns’


Kyle Hooten Contributor
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March For Our Lives, a student group aimed at promoting gun control, recently released “a Green New Deal, but for guns,” on Wednesday

The agenda calls for many progressive gun control measures, such as a ban on so-called “assault weapons” and high capacity magazines. The group also seeks to eliminate 30% of the guns in America via government buybacks, and create a new federally appointed “National Director of Gun Violence Prevention.” Additionally, the plan calls for increased gun registration, which has historically lead to confiscation, as well as the inclusion of “in-person interviews” and “personal references” into the gun-buying process.

March For Our Lives does not view gun control as an isolated issue. Instead, they say it’s “a deeply intersectional issue, inextricably bound with our long journey for racial justice, economic justice, immigrant rights, and the rights of our LGBTQ allies.”

The student group has not only drawn criticism for their position on the Second Amendment, but also for their choice to openly market their plan as one that’s just as radical as the Green New Deal, which proposed to eliminate all fossil fuels from America.

The student group isn’t alone in advocating drastic gun control measures. Rhode Island Democratic Rep. David Cicilline recently introduced a bill that would outlaw the vast majority of guns in America. (RELATED: Gillibrand Would Prosecute Gun Owners Who Don’t Turn Arms Over To Feds)

H.R. 1296, if passed, would ban “semi-automatic rifles and pistols” that can “accept a detachable magazine,” as well as semi-auto rifles with a fixed magazine that can hold more than 10 rounds or those featuring a pistol grip. This alone would outlaw every handgun that’s not a revolver, as well virtually all modern rifles. Cicilline’s bill also proposes to ban all shotguns that can hold more than 5 rounds.

Many Republicans have also voiced support recently for various gun control measures.

Texas Representative Dan Crenshaw, North Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and President Donald Trump are supporting red flag laws.

“Red flag” laws, sometimes called extreme risk protection orders, allow police or citizens to petition courts to order that an individual have their right to own firearms temporarily suspended, pending the results of a psychiatric evaluation. Many have raised concerns that this policy is ripe for abuse.