Dan Crenshaw Responds To Hasan Piker

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Maranda White House Correspondent
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Congressman Dan Crenshaw, a Republican Representative from the second congressional district of Texas, interviews with the Daily Caller regarding recent comments made Wednesday by The Young Turks contributor Hasan Piker.

Hasan Piker live-streamed a now-viral video where he reviewed an episode of Joe Rogan’s podcast–which featured Dan Crenshaw–and made comments that include, but are not limited to, calling the man who caused Congressman Crenshaw to lose one of his eyes “a brave f***ing soldier” and went on to claim “America deserved 9/11.” (RELATED: Here’s What Rep Dan Crenshaw Says About Everything From Disco Balls To John Adams)

These comments have taken Twitter by storm over the last 24 hours and, since they focus on Crenshaw specifically, we gave the congressman an opportunity to share his response by way of an interview with the Daily Caller.

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