Bullet Points: Joe Biden Has A Bad Day, Planned Parenthood Defunds Itself Out Of Millions

Anders Hagstrom White House Correspondent
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President Donald Trump gets Planned Parenthood to defund itself, and the New York Times joins Democrats in saying every aspect of America is racist.

Today on Bullet Points, Host Anders Hagstrom explains how Trump got Planned Parenthood to forfeit its Title X funding, and we go over the New York Times’ “Project 1619,” which aims to reframe the American founding in the lens of slavery. Hagstrom explains why its a huge mistake to say that racism and white supremacy are the “true” foundation of America.

Also today, Joe Biden’s wife gave him what might be the weakest endorsement so far in the 2020 race, and his campaign thought it was necessary to have a doctor verify that Biden does, in fact, have a functioning brain.

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