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‘Dancing With The Stars’ Host Meditated To Survive Trump’s Election


Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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When Donald Trump was elected president, ABC “Dancing With The Stars” Host Tom Bergeron went into a tizzy. He needed meditation to get him through what he said felt like “a death in the family.”

Bergeron, who has been practicing Transcendental Meditation since 1981, isn’t pleased with former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer being a contestant in the show’s upcoming season. The news emerged Wednesday that Bergeron pleaded with the producer to give politics a rest. (RELATED: ‘DWTS’ Host Is Pissed Sean Spicer Made The Cut)

But Bergeron hasn’t exactly shied away from belching out his politics on his social media.

Maybe he needs a new mantra?

Bergeron once wrote a poem of sorts — “The Tao of Trump” — to cope with Hillary Clinton‘s loss and Trump’s ascent to the highest political office in the land.

This arrived on Nov. 12, 2016. In it, the TV host expresses the turmoil he feels about being a wealthy white guy.

“I’m a 61-year-old very well off white guy. In the days immediately following Donald Trump’s win my stock portfolio got fatter. Odds are I’ll soon be paying a lot less in taxes. And yet I’m waking up at 3 AM feeling like there’s been a sudden death in the family. So I meditate, not to deny these feelings but to understand how best to utilize them.”

He goes on to say he will heed Clinton’s advice that people need to give Trump a chance and that everyone is really on the same team. Then he writes, “But if after doing both my worst fears are even partially realized, I’ll be meditating each morning with a new mantra. And one I’ll gladly share with everyone: Mid-Terms.”

Bergeron can dish it out, but he can’t handle a little ex-White House SPICE on the show?

It’s not like Spicer — who has candidly said he has no rhythm — is going to win the competition, although maybe all the naysayers will push him to do the best Cha-Cha of his life (ahem, doubtful, but who doesn’t like a big “Dancing With The Stars” surprise?)

On a side note, Fox News’s Sean Hannity is not Bergeron’s cup of tea. Hannity is apparently not in Bergeron’s meditation repertoire.

In another tweet, Bergeron wrote, “Hannity will always be the first to know if Trump has polyps.”

Relations with Spicer off the dance floor could be dicey as Bergeron has already thrown mud at Spicer in both the past and the present. In response to Spicer being on the show, Bergeron caustically joked on ABC’s “GMA” in Spicer’s presence that the ex-White House press secretary would be tasked with gauging crowd size.

This all happened between meditations with Bergeron’s special Sanskrit mantra, of course.