Dallas Renegades Won’t Sign Johnny Manziel In The XFL

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Johnny Manziel might play in the XFL, but it won’t be for the Dallas Renegades.

The league returns in February 2020, and many people anticipate that Manziel will be the face of the XFL, especially with two teams in Texas. However, Renegades director of player personnel Daryl Johnston made it clear he’d pass on him again like he did in the AAF. (RELATED: Houston XFL Coach June Jones Believes Johnny Manziel Will Be In The XFL Draft Pool)


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Johnston said the following about Manziel not being welcome on his team, according to SportsDay:

For me the chemistry in the locker room is critical, and especially the quarterback position. He kind of sets the tone, especially for the offensive side of the ball, but really for the whole team. There is so much added responsibility that goes with the face, goes with the voice of the franchise. And I haven’t seen that from Johnny on a consistent basis that I would feel comfortable committing to him.

Well, Johnston might not want Manziel, but the XFL absolutely needs him if the league wants attention. Also, Vince McMahon owns every single team in the league. I’m pretty confident if McMahon wants him playing for Dallas, then Johnny Football will be wearing a Renegades uniform.


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If the XFL passes on Manziel, then they have no idea at all what the hell they’re doing. I’m not trying to sound harsh.

I’m just being realistic. They need somebody who can move the needle. The Texas A&M Heisman winner does that in spades.

No offense to Landry Jones, who was the first QB signed by the league, but people aren’t exactly clamoring to see him play.

You know who they are interested in seeing? Manziel.

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The good news is there’s still seven other teams and one of them is in Houston. If I had to bet, we’ll be seeing Manziel in a Houston Roughnecks uniform.

It’ll get the people of Texas excited and that’s all that matters for Vince McMahon.

It shouldn’t be too much longer before we find out where he goes. So Johnston doesn’t want him. I guess that’s fine. Then he can figure out a way to stop him.

We’ll have to see how that works out for the Renegades.