Biden Botches Gun Facts: ‘Who Needs A Clip That Can Hold 100 Rounds?’

Photo by Joshua Lott/Getty Images

Amber Athey Podcast Columnist
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Former Vice President Joe Biden botched a common gun term during a Saturday night fundraiser, reportedly confusing the words “magazine” and “clip.”

Biden shared his plan to bring back the 1994 assault weapons ban during a 250-person fundraiser at the Southhampton, New York home of artist Bonnie Lautenberg, but quickly revealed his relatively limited knowledge of firearms. (RELATED: Joe Biden Forgets Which State He Is In During New Hampshire Campaign Stop)

“I’m the only one in the United States that has ever, in fact, beat the NRA flat out, eliminating assault rifles,” Biden asserted, according to the Washington Examiner. “There is no rationale for us to have these assault weapons. Who needs a clip that can hold 100 rounds?”

However, clips are smaller devices that hold several rounds of ammunition together and are used to quickly reload magazines. Magazines, alternatively, are much larger and directly feed ammunition into a firearm. Magazines can hold around 100 rounds, as Biden suggested, whereas a clip cannot.

High-capacity magazines — or, magazines than can hold more than ten or 15 rounds — are already banned for sale in ten states.

In 2013, Biden suggested that people concerned about home defense should acquire a shotgun and blindly fire “two blasts,” a strategy that could land a gun owner in legal trouble.