David Hogg Wants Activists To Decorate The Front Steps Of The NRA With His Body If He’s Ever Assassinated

Reuters/Aaron Bernstein

Kyle Hooten Contributor
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David Hogg has officially been clear: If he’s assassinated, he wants his corpse to decorate the doorstep of the NRA’s headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia. This is, of course, after activists do a photo shoot with it for propaganda purposes.

The anti-gun March For Our Lives founder explained that if he’s ever shot he wants his death to be used to promote gun control, in a series of tweets issued on Sunday. He also created a hashtag his supporters can use to indicate that they too want their corpses leveraged for activism if they’re ever shot.

Hogg is also a co-founder of March For Our Lives, a political, anti-gun group comprised of middle and high school students that has published a plan for gun control, that they call “the green new deal but for guns.” (RELATED: March For Our Lives Proposes ‘A Green New Deal But For Guns’)

The plan calls for a ban on so-called “assault weapons” and high capacity magazines. It also seeks to eliminate 30% of the guns in America, via government buybacks, and create a federally appointed “National Director of Gun Violence Prevention.” Additionally, the plan calls for increased gun registration, as well as the inclusion of “in-person interviews” and “personal references” into the gun-buying process.

While many Twitter users used Hogg’s hashtag to express a desire for their corpse to be thrown in front of the NRA headquarters if they were to die from gun violence, others made light of the moment.