REPORT: DJ Refuses To Turn Down Music For Bill Clinton At Hamptons Restaurant

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

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Former President Bill Clinton’s request for a DJ to turn down the music was ignored over the weekend.

Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Jon Bon Jovi and former New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine reportedly dined Friday at the East Hampton hotel the Maidstone, according to a report published Monday by Page Six.

As the evening got later, a DJ was reportedly asked to keep the music down so that the group could continue their conversation.

“Bill asked the staff to turn down the music as the late-night music scene was just beginning because there were still people having dinner [and their table was deep in political discussion],” a witness told Page Six. “They were told ‘no’ by the DJ. The wait staff was pleading with the DJ to turn down the music, but the DJ wasn’t having it.” (RELATED: Report: Jeffrey Epstein Allegedly Had A Portrait Of Bill Clinton Posing Provocatively In Blue Dress)

Another source claimed the DJ later impressed Clinton by playing Fleetwood Mac’s “Don’t Stop.” The song was the theme song for his 1992 campaign, Page Six reported. The group reportedly stayed until 11 p.m.

It’s hilarious that Clinton wanted the DJ to keep it quiet when her one job was to play music for the night. Of course she’s going to say no. I’m glad the group was able to work it out with her and I’d love to see a set list of the songs she played that night.