Isaiah Washington Has Harsh Words For Hollywood Conservatives Who Hide Their Beliefs

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Hollywood actor and producer Isaiah Washington had some harsh words for fellow conservatives who sent him private messages of support.

Washington called them out in a Monday tweet, saying, “I have a message for the Hollywood Actors DM’ing me and revealing that you’re Conservatives. Don’t DM me again, because you all are lame and I don’t respond well to hypocrites or cowards. You’re no different than the bystander that is waiting on the blood to spill from a martyr.” (RELATED: ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Tells African-Americans To Boycott Work For BLM To ‘Matter’)

Outspoken conservative actor and director Nick Searcy (“Justified,” “Gosnell”) cheered him on, saying, “Oh hell yes my brother.”

Actor Dean Cain, vocal Trump supporter and regular Fox News guest host, chimed in with a gif suggesting that Washington had dropped a bomb.

Conservative actress Kristy Swanson joined in as well.

Washington had previously praised President Donald Trump for his work in passing the First Step Act.