Young Woman Survives 80-Foot Fall Off Balcony While Practicing Yoga Pose

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A Mexican university student is miraculously alive after surviving an 80-foot fall from her balcony while she was practicing yoga.

Alexa Terrazas, 23, was reportedly doing an upside-down yoga pose on her balcony ledge Saturday when she fell, according to a report published by the New York Post. Terrazas slipped and landed on the pavement below her apartment in the Mexican state of Nuevo León.

The young woman was treated by paramedics before being brought to a hospital where she immediately went into surgery. Terrazas reportedly spent 11 hours in surgery, El Imparcial reported. She is alive, but in critical condition as doctors had to reconstruct both legs. Doctors said she may not be able to walk for three years.

Otherwise, Terrazas suffered fractures to both legs, her arms, hips and head. (RELATED: Missing Maui Yoga Instructor Found Alive After Two Weeks In Hawaii Forrest)

The Nuevo León Attorney General’s Office claimed the railing was structurally sound. Neighbors who witnessed the fall said they watched Terrazas slip and that it was an accident.

People took to social media to request blood donations for Terrazas, but as of Sunday, a relative shared donations were not needed anymore. Instead, she asked for prayers.

Terrazas was studying health and nutrition at the University of Monterrey.