Mike Leach Tweets Texas Tech Didn’t Pay Him After His Firing

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Football coach Mike Leach fired a shot at his former employer Texas Tech with a recent tweet.

Leach was canned after he was accused of locking Adam James in a closet due to a head injury. However, the grounds for his removal have been pretty much debunked, and the firing appears to have been done in large part because of Craig James. Now, he wants people to know he still hasn’t been paid.

In response to Stewart Mandel suggesting Leach’s firing was the most bizarre sports story in the past decade, Leach tweeted back that he still hasn’t been paid and that Tech might be “afraid” that “proof of their false and slanderous smear campaign” might be in documents being withheld.

The fact Mike Leach hasn’t been at Texas Tech in nearly a decade, and he’s still holding a grudge is one of my favorite parts about the legendary college football coach.

He’s had all kinds of success with Washington State since the Red Raiders tried to ruin his good name. Yet, he still just can’t let it go.

That’s the kind of mentality and attitude that has made him formidable on the sidelines.


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I can’t say I blame Leach for still being upset. If I was fired from a job and accused of mistreating a player, I’d be pissed as all hell if the claims were false.

You can’t blame the Cougars coach at all. People tried to paint a picture of Leach as some kind of unstable dictator who didn’t care about safety.

I think anybody who pays attention to Leach knows damn well that’s not what he’s like at all.


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What we really need is a WSU/TTU bowl game. Now, that would get the juices flowing. Mike Leach coaching against the Red Raiders would be required viewing.

If that happens, then we can really prepare for the world of college football to burn to the ground. All I know for sure is that I’m pro-Leach until the end.

He’s way too damn entertaining to ever cheer against.