Atlanta Falcons Owner Arthur Blank Says He’s In ‘Favor Of An Expansion’ Of The Regular Season

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

David Hookstead Smoke Room Editor-in-Chief
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Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank is all in on expanding the NFL regular season.

Adding more regular season games is something that’s been discussed lately in the NFL, and it seems like the idea has a solid amount of momentum among fans and other people involved. Well, you can officially add the Falcons owner to the list of people in favor. (RELATED: Roddy White Arrested In Georgia On Outstanding Warrant)

Blank said the following about adding more regular seasons games, according to ESPN’s Vaughn McClure on Tuesday:

I certainly would be in favor of an expansion, probably initially to 17 games to see how that works, then have 18. But — and the but is the biggest caveat here — if we do that, we have to make sure that our first priority, which is player safety and health, is being kept in the forefront of that discussion.

Expansion really does seem imminent at this point. It seems less about if it’ll happen and much more about when it’ll happen.

The obvious choice here is to just cut all of, or most of the preseason. Eliminate the pointless games and tack on an extra game or two to the regular season.

The fans would love it, you could find away to give the players more money, the owners would make more money and everybody would come out on top.

I can’t stress enough how dumb the preseason is. It’s incredibly stupid, and it should be done away with or minimized as much as possible.

There’s nothing great about it at all. Not only is there nothing great about it, but it’s just a place for players to get hurt.

If we cut the preseason and offset it with regular season expansion, then it would seem to foster a situation where everybody comes out ahead.

Let’s hope more NFL owners vocally support the idea like Blank already does. We could really speed up the timetable if everybody voiced support sooner than later.